1. Lessons from the Past to Inform the Future
    Keywords: geological drivers, palaeontology, paleoecology
  2. Coral Reef Structure and Functioning
    Keywords: evolutionary and natural histories, biogeography, trophic chains, functional ecology, bioconstruction and bioerosion processes
  3. Biology and Ecology of Holobionts in Coral Reefs
    Keywords: chemical ecology, photobiology, symbioses
  4. Global Climate Change and Environmental Stressors
    Keywords: climate crisis effects, dynamics of coral reefs through climate change, relationships between environmental changes and coral disease, tropicalization, what we can learn from marginal and extreme reefs
  5. Coral Reef Anthropic Pressures, Conservation and Restoration
    Keywords: effects of tourism, overfishing, chemical pollution, plastics and other emerging contaminants, nature-based solution to coral reef restoration, the supercoral hypothesis, coral aquaculture
  6. Community-Based Monitoring and Ecosystem-Based Management
    Keywords: marine spatial planning, stakeholder engagement, citizen science, people awareness
  1. Shallow Temperate Reefs
    Keywords: biodiversity, connectivity, functioning and threats, biological invasions
  2. Mesophotic and Cold-Water Coral Ecosystems
    Keywords: biodiversity, connectivity, functioning and threats
  3. Technological and Methodological Innovation in Underwater Surveys and Data Analysis
    Keywords: precise survey, unmanned and deep surveys, image semantic segmentation, data FAIR
  4. Coral Reefs Under a Socio-Economic Perspective
    Keywords: ecosystem goods and services, social sciences approaches, conservation policies, blue circular economy
  5. Beyond Corals and Fishes – Evolution and Biodiversity of Neglected Reef Taxa
    Keywords: invertebrates, algae, plants, fungi, genomics, transcriptomics, systematics, phylogeny, phylogenomics, phylogeography, connectivity, non-indigenous species, cryptic species
  6. The Ocean Decade: The Science We Need for the Coral Reefs We Want
    Keywords: mid- and long-term perspectives in science development